• lufttritt air - Digital Visualization

  • Presentation at Vienna Design Week 2012

Even in contemporary architecture, staircases are conventionally a rigid part of the building structure. To create an independent, modifiable alternative was the idea that sparked lufttritt. We drew inspiration from suspension bridges and applied this to an array of basic steps, resulting in a flight of stairs of exceptional quality in both function and aesthetics.

At the center of our design is, of course, the person using it and once you set foot on the first step, you will notice its subtle but significant effect. Unlike stepping onto a solid staircase, lufttritt softens the footfall and then eases your step along. This unique interaction creates a sensation of light yet steady footing. Supported by it's visual appeal this flight of stairs will actually lift you up or softly guide you down.

The qualities of lufttritt were already evident in our prototype, when, with funding from AWS XS Impulsförderung, the construction of our first flight of stairs was completed. Structural analysis was provided in collaboration with engineers of the renowned firm FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner, and FA. Haumberger was comissioned with the production of all elements. Finally, in a barn in Lower Austria, the first version of lufttritt was assembled and tested.

Humble beginnings soon turned into a successful start. After our design was patented, lufttritt was first put on display at the Vienna Design Week in 2012. the reception by the audience and media was overwhelmingly positive and, thus encouraged, the decision was made to plan for marketable production and to expand the product line. AWS XS Impulsförderung continued to support our efforts.

Currently, with the backing of our faithful sponsors and new partnerships, we are busy developing further product types, adding to the exclusive lufttritt air. Upcoming versions lufttritt rock and lufttritt liquid are close to beeing released.


Reimagining the staircase, lufttritt exceeds common definition in its functionality, material characteristics and flexibility. This well-designed and well-crafted modular system is easily fitted into its spacial settings and can be quickly modified when needed. We envision it being continuously adaptable to the life surrounding it.

As a next step, we plan to enhance our product by adding to one of its greatest strengths, its variability. New treading surfaces will provide more options to customize it to individual preferences, as well as providing easy replacement after possible wear and tear. With the addition of new modules and improved suitability for exterior placement, lufttritt will become adaptable to even the most challenging spaces. Already, we look forward to these and other exciting possibilities!

Thomas Schiefer

CEO & Designer

After spending his childhood on the family farm at the foothills of the Alps, Thomas followed his passion and fascination for interior and product design. His education began at the HTLuVA Moedling, which led him to complete his master's degree in industrial design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Throughout his studies he sought to gather insight and professional experience in the field, most notably as a freelancer at the architectural studio "Atelier 7214". Based in vienna, Thomas now works as an independent designer, since 2010, and as a lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna.

Reaching far beyond spatial and furniture design, Thomas seeks to incorporate various influences into his work, understanding emotional significance and rational necessity. The presentation of his thesis project "forester" at the 2009 Vienna Design Week provided him with the opportunity to exhibit the wide spectrum of his interests and activities to the public. Through creative analysis and experimentation he is driven by the prospect of innovative and exciting solutions.

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